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Vehicles used by fire services at airports are usually front-line Rapid Intervention Vehicles or Major Foam Tenders. Sometimes described as Airport Crash Tenders (ACTs), these are otherwise known as Aerodrome Rescue and Fire Fighting Vehicles (ARFFV). They require all-wheel drive high performance chassis, feature pump-and-roll fire fighting capability, and should satisfy the recommendations of ICAO / CAA. For certain markets, Angloco can provide ARFFVs based on suitable high performance commercial chassis.
Airport fire services also operate other supporting vehicles such as Water Tenders, Rescue Vehicles, Hose/Foam Carriers, and First Strike Light Pumping Appliances, and Angloco has produced many examples of these.

Examples of airport fire and rescue vehicles include:

Aviation Fire Fighting Training Vehicle - 7500

  • Water Tank: 6,500 litre
  • Foam Tank: 1,000 litre
  • Equipment: 2,800 litre/min pump. Automatic pump output pressure governor. Over-heating protection system. Large area monitor operator’s recessed platform. Electronically remote controlled bumper turret.
  • Chassis: Volvo 6x2
  • Crew: Driver plus four (total five)

Water Tender - 1800

  • Water Tank: 1,800 litre
  • Equipment: Multi pressure water pump. Two high pressure hose reels.
  • Chassis: Scania 4x2.
  • Crew: Driver plus four (total five).

Rapid Intervention Vehicle - 1400

  • Water Tank: 1,200 litre
  • Foam Tank: 150 litre
  • Equipment: Centrifugal pump. Automatic round-the-pump foam proportioning. Water/Foam monitor. 50 kg capacity dry powder unit. Electric winch.
  • Chassis: Land Rover 6x6
  • Crew: Driver plus one (total two)

First Strike Rescue Pumper – 515

  • Water Tank: 450 litre
  • Foam Tank: 50 litre
  • Equipment: Single stage water pump. One normal pressure hose reel. In-line induction foam system.
  • Chassis: Land Rover 4x4.
  • Crew: Driver plus one (total two).

Airport Runway Friction Test Support Vehicle

  • Water Tank: 450 litre
  • Equipment: Controlled discharge pumping unit, providing water supply for a Continuous Friction Measuring Equipment (CFME) trailer.
  • Chassis: Example illustrated based on Volkswagen Sharan 4x4.
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